Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sweet Corn Tassel Wreath Time

Face any direction surrounding Bishop Hill and you will see corn growing lush and green.  By August, sweet corn is at its peak here. This signals the start of my daily practice of making Tassel wreaths studded with husk dolls and giant roses.  I look forward to these sizzling days of summer when I lounge lazily on my front porch and, under the watchful eyes of my cats, turn the “field waste” into wonderful rustic decorations.
For those out there who wish to make one of these spectacular seasonal wreaths, I’ve posted a “how to”video on my youtube channel demonstrating the simple technique used to make them. 
The tassel wreath above has been approved by my little friend, Eddie. A limited few will be available for purchase in etsy shop as soon as the tassels are harvested next week.