Friday, February 24, 2012

A snowy day in Bishop Hill

Bishop Hill, like most of north America has had some unusual weather this season. Although we enjoyed some sweatshirt days last week,  this morning I woke to what could be our only snow this winter. 

The white stuff always tickles the kid in me. I love to tramp through the streets making the first tracks in unbroken snow. I was lazy in getting out and plowing had started by the time I suited up. I played hooky and instead of doing chores, took a long walk with camera in hand trying to capture the beautiful blanketed village square before the afternoon warmth turned the frosty display into puddles. The morning was eerily quiet. The chatter of starlings and the sound of my feet crunching the heavy wet snow was all I heard as I clicked away! 

Here are a few shots of the quiet side of the Bishop Hill I've come to love. I spent some time today arranging a short slideshow for folks visiting in cyberspace. So for more scenes about town you can watch my video postcards to you here: