Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spring has come early to Bishop Hill, Illinois - It makes me feel like nesting!

I understand that the groundhog saw his shadow today. If there are to be six more weeks of this outstanding weather,  well then, bring it on!  Winter has been gentle across most of the U.S. but especially kind to us in Bishop Hill. Today, groundhog day, temps reached the mid 50's so I put my chores on hold and took a walk. I headed down the lane to pick material to make nests to display the eggs I decorate this time of year. As soon as I left the driveway  I realized I had attracted the attention of my cats. They joined me on my walk, stopping every so often to roll and stretch on the warm pavement. I collected several varieties of sun-bleached grasses. My greenhouse is packed with pansy pots and overwintering herbs but I managed to clear a spot to spread out and shred the stuff I gathered to spin my nests. In addition to what I grabbed along the roadside, I used some old sisal twine, sphagnum moss, corn silk, and the seed heads of love grass collected last summer. Once shredded and stacked, I twisted and spun the fibers together in the palm of my hand to make this little nest. I look forward to making many more this spring!