Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Don't toss your daylily clippings - make this spectacular wreath instead!

Bishop Hill has been extremely hot and dry all summer and the beautiful daylilies that covered the front bank of littlebrick this June quickly turned to sun-baked twigs when temps hovered around 100 degrees in July. 

One sizzling morning last week I decided to pull the bindweed and lily stems that had become a such a sorry sight out front.
Even with a helper, it took most of the day. 

Later, as I piled the clippings high on the burn pile, I was struck by the lovely texture of the twigs. I put my matches away when better idea came to mind.

Quickly I gathered handfuls of the stems and wired them to a vine base. The resulting wreath was spectacular! No one would ever guess that such rustic charm could be fashioned from garden waste! 

I made several wreaths that afternoon and bunched the remaining stems for future projects. I am delighted to have found such beauty at my feet. From this year forward I will collect my daylily stems each August and remember this fortuitous discovery with a smile! Find these spectacular wreaths for sale here: