Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bishop Hill Heritage Association Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

By the middle of the last century, our Colony era buildings were in disrepair;  there was little attention paid to preserving them or the remarkable history linked to their creation. With the founding of The Bishop Hill Heritage Association this changed. The BHHA is responsible for saving and re-purposing  many historic structures about town. This work continues today, most evident in the current Steeple Building restoration. When the facelift is completed on this, our most prominent building, it will radiate a fresh air over the village and generate renewed interest in the history of Bishop Hill. The building is open during the transformation. Please stop in.

On Saturday, Oct 20 from 1 to 3 PM, the BHHA will be hosting special events in honor of its golden anniversary.
Heritage Board Members will personally greet guests at the following BHHA buildings:  the Steeple Building, Colony Store, Blacksmith Shop, and the Livery Stable and will describe the unique history of each structure.  A public reception will also be held in the 1854 Steeple Building.  Light refreshments will be served and a video, created just for this event, will show the past restoration projects of the BHHA. 

Please come join us and help us celebrate  
50 years of preserving Bishop Hill history.