Monday, August 31, 2015

I love Bishop Hill in the summer when it sizzles

This weekend's Chautauqua was enjoyed by many 

Abe Lincoln (Fritz Klein)  and
Brian “Fox” Ellis took the stage
Mr. Lincoln and young guest compare hats. History lives!
My old-fashioned cutting garden
I like to spin the lyrics of the Cole Porter classic, "I Love Paris,"  a bit in my head as I walk through town. Of course, the voice I imagine sounds a lot like Ella Fitzgerald  and she swaps the name “Bishop Hill” for “Paris” as she croons. My love of this  place doesn't depend on the nearness of someone dear as the song suggests, but instead, it stems from the timeless scenes of serenity I enjoy daily.
Before the fiery shades of fall overtake our gardens, Nature has provided one last shimmering shot of color in the landscape. Seasonal splendor abounds. These are just a few pics taken around town this weekend. They show why I love Bishop Hill in the summer... when it sizzles!

A festive fall display at Sweet Annie's
Apples ripe and ready for picking

A riot of colorful blooms