Sunday, May 21, 2017

Colorful Kites Over Bishop Hill

It was a cold, gray day in Bishop Hill this Sunday, but never has there been so much color brightening its northeast corner!
Because of Saturday’s persistent rain, the Kite Show was held Sunday. The star of the event - a 40 foot, purple octopus - needed a little coaxing to lift off.
But once the winds rose, it "swam" through sky above the open field between the Outsider Gallery and the Summer Cottage.
The giant moved through the air just like a real octopus moves in water - swirling and twirling its long legs on the currents.
Meanwhile, next door at Outsider Gallery, the colorful spectacle continued inside. A school of snake gourds hanging from the rafters greeted guests.
Each gourd was grown in a patch behind the Gallery and later transformed into colorful creatures by artist Steven Carleson.
Several new mixed media works by Marsha Carleson are currently featured. She was inspired by the people and places she encountered on a recent cross-country tour. In her latest piece, Marsha combined snippets of life and culture she found along her way with bits of iconic imagery to create a sculptural representation of her spree entitled Western Vision Quest. In fact, though many works by Marsha and Steve might be simply appreciated as quirky, playful objects, most have great personal and social significance - discovered when you take a second, longer look. Outsider Gallery is a "must stop" for folks who enjoy fanciful artistic expression that packs a thought-provoking message!
Outsider Gallery will be open during some Bishop Hill special events throughout the season. Please watch the Bishop Hill calendar for dates and check Facebook for details. If you would like to schedule a visit, email Steve or call 309-371-0775 for an appointment.
Thanks to Arlene Rigg of the Summer Cottage for organizing and hosting the Kite Show. I hope I can add this as an annual event to the Bishop Hill calendar!